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List of Notable Alumni from Aligarh Muslim University

Notable Alumni

Worldwide, Aligarh Muslim University students and Amu Notable Alumni are dispersed.Precisely as anticipated by Sir Syed when the foundation for MAO College was set. The little plant will ultimately develop into an enormous tree whose branches will contact each landmass. Because of its residential nature, where students spend their first five to ten years of life with others their own age, 
AMU was and continues to be a singular experience. Sharing everything, feasting, contemplating, and living respectively serious areas of strength for fashions ties, and this is regularly the thing keeps the Aligarians persuaded much sometime down the road. At the point when they get together once more, they attempt to reproduce the great times from their childhood and revive their normal desires and objectives, which restores the eminent “Aligarh Spirit.” All members of the AMU fraternity refer to themselves as “Aligs” or “Aligarians,” regardless of whether they are students, instructors, or other university employees.

The following People are Famous Personalities at AMU