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JMI P.hd Admission 2022-23

Jamia Millia Islamia University JMI P.hd Admission will accept applications from 14 April to 31 May 2022. According to an official release, Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI) will use the Common University Entrance Test (CUET) to accept students to its undergraduate programmes during the 2022-23 academic year. The jamia millia islamia entrance form for the academic year 2022-23 will be available on April 14, 2022. Students are admitted to the university after passing national admission exams. Admission to Engineering, Architecture, and Dentistry schools is based on a combination of the JEE, NATA, and NEET admission exams.

undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Candidates can be shortlisted and given a job based on their performance in the exam. JMI P.hd Admission 2023 admissions began in May at, and students can submit their application forms until June 30 on the university’s official website, Jamia Millia Islamia was founded in 1920 in Aligarh, India, and was designated as a Central University by an act of the Indian Parliament in 1988.

JMI P.hd Adnission

JMI P.hd Admission Procedure

Wherever such provision exists, the candidate must apply for admission to the University’s JMI Ph. D Admission. programme or an integrated M. Phil./Ph. D. programme on a prescribed form (Annexure – I), which can be downloaded from the University’s website, Application for a
Admission must be filed with a Demand to the relevant Department/Faculty/Center.
A draught in the amount of Rs.1,000/- should be drawn in the name of the Registrar, Jamia Millia Islamia, and payable in Delhi/New Delhi.
Delhi. The list of individuals who have been judged eligible to take an Entrance Exam, as well as their scores.

The following applicants will not be required to take the Entrance Test for the Ph. D. programme:

  1. Candidates who have passed the UGC/CSIR (JRF) Examination/SLET/GATE or have finished an M. Phil. programme from a recognised university/institution are eligible to apply.
  2. The holders of teacher fellowships, if the competent employing authority offers a No Objection Certificate to the candidate for admission to the Ph. D. programme, as well as an assurance that the candidate will be granted leave for the duration of the needed course work.

Candidates seeking an exemption from the Entrance Test must present proof in accordance with Paragraphs 2 I and (ii) above when submitting an Application Form for Ph. D. admissions.
Candidates who have been given an exemption from taking the Entrance Test must complete the rest of the admission procedure according to the schedule and meet all other conditions set forth in the Ordinance/Regulations for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree.

Entrance Test

The Entrance Test will be used to evaluate applicants in order to determine their suitability for admission to the relevant Department/Faculty/Ph. Center’s D. programme.
Qualifying for the Entrance Test does not entitle the candidate to admission to the Ph. D. programme.

The Entrance Test will be used to evaluate applicants in order to determine their suitability for admission to the relevant Department/Faculty/Ph. Center’s D. programme.Qualifying for the Entrance Test does not entitle the candidate to admission to the JMI Ph. d Admission. programme.
Except in the case of language departments, which may arrange the question paper in the language involved, the medium of the Entrance Test shall be English. The Entrance Exam will consist of two sets of question papers, Sections A and B, as listed below:

Section A

The first set of questions will consist of 50 one-mark multiple-choice (objective type) questions on teaching and research aptitude, reasoning, comprehension, language, writing, and analytical skills, as well as current concerns in research and higher education. The event will last one hour.

The list of the Centers associated to each Faculty is provided at Annexure-II.

Section B

The Section – B question paper JMI P.hd Admission will be devoted to advanced knowledge of the subject in question as well as specialty within the field. It will be worth 100 points, with 50 points going to 50 multiple choice (objective type) questions for one mark each and 50 points going to a series of subjective type questions worth another 50 points. The Section B question paper will take two hours to complete.

Criterion to Qualify the Entrance Test

Candidates who receive at least 50% of the vote.Each set of marks in Section A and B of the Entrance Test, must be passed independently to qualify for the interview.
The names of all such candidates will be posted on the concerned school’s bulletin board. Department/Faculty/Center, as well as the university’s webpage.

JMI P.hd Admission Interview

Candidates who pass the Entrance Test, including those who were exempted from taking the test, will be expected to write a synopsis of their proposed research and submit it to the Department/Faculty/Center involved. The synopsis should include the following items: I the research topic, (ii) the objectives, (iii) the current state of the literature on the proposed topic, (iv) the proposed research work, (v) the methodology, (vi) the references, and (vii) any other relevant information the researcher wishes to submit.

Candidates that submit their synopsis on time will be contacted for an interview by the Department/Faculty/Center concerned. Candidates will be required to appear before the concerned Board of Studies/Committee of Studies to present and defend their research projects.
The Board will recommend the names of the candidates for admission to the JMI Ph. D Admission. programme, in order of merit, to the appropriate Faculty/Board of Management, along with the names of a Supervisor and Co-Supervisor (s), if applicable, for each candidate, based on their performance. To complete the admission formalities, all such candidates should contact the Office of the appropriate Dean/Director.