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AMU RCA - History, Admission and Realities

Aligarh Muslim University AMU Private Training Establishment or RCA is a foundation run by Aligarh Muslim College to set up the willing hopefuls for the most part for the common and legal assistance program. The middle was laid out in 2010 subsequent to being coordinated with the Training and Direction focus of the college when the plan “Foundation of Private Instructing Institute for Minorities/SC/ST and Ladies” was endorsed by UGC.

AMU RCA Foundation’s ongoing chief is Prof. Imran Saleem of Branch of Business AMU, Prof. Asiya Chaudhary as Agent Chief, with Dr. Jahangir Chauhan (Dept. of business Amu) and Mr. Mohammad Zaid as right hand chiefs. The middle utilizes numerous Amu educators and teachers to show the understudies signed up for this establishment.

With giving important information around here, the organization works with the understudies with the improvement of their character, key assets and the relational abilities for better execution in the cutthroat tests. The middle likewise has a library with independent perusing lobbies for young men and young ladies for every one of the conceded understudies and offers the expected reading up materials for the cutthroat assessments.

Confirmation rules in AMU RCA

Every one of the understudies wanting for affirmations in this establishment should fill the entry structure from the site and show up for the Public Level Entry Test. They select-

  • 100 understudies for general Common Assistance
  • 60 for Legal Help
  • 50 understudies for super-50 program of Common Help.

Test Example

  • 100 Numerous Decision Questions (MCQ) of general investigations
  • CSAT for 100 imprints.
  • Two long papers for 100 imprints
  • Furthermore, a meeting for 50 imprints.

The outcomes and the dates for confirmations are advised on RCA website page. Preceding the outcomes, the response keys for the entry is as of now made accessible on the site concerned. Chosen understudies will get the convenience in Sherwani lobby and chose females will be allocated RCA young ladies’ inn. Subsequent to getting conceded, one can acquire the library participation.

The Instructing likewise leads Mock meetings for the understudies who have qualified UPSC Common Assistance tests (mains) for the better act of the understudies with zero charge. The questioners’ group comprises of resigned civil servants, IAS/IPS officials, and a few specialists. These false meetings help understudies with better practice and get the genuine setting experience.

AMU RCA Training offers program for Staff Choice Commission-Joined Graduate Level (SSG-CGL) and Bank Trial Official (BPO) after entrance test. Besides, it has the office of NET training for AMU understudies in Science and Life Sciences and NET/JRF compressed lessons for expressions understudies. The college understudies can likewise take classes for Door, English phonetics, Law, Agreement Act, and so on.

To download RCA structures and others importats update you can follow the connection (Click here)


AMU RCA Papers

Here is the rundown of RCA AMU earlier year question papers.

  • AMU RCA Common Administrations Training (Paper I) 2021
  • AMU RCA Common Administrations Training (Paper 2) 2021
  • AMU RCA UPSC (Paper I) 2019
  • AMU RCA Common Administrations Training (Paper I) 2018
  • AMU RCA Common Administrations Training (Paper 2) 2018

Events by Residential Coaching Academy (RCA)

As of late, it held a Help cum-question and answer session Program in July, 2021. It additionally arranges gatherings with Bad habit Chancellor of AMU. With that, the inspiring meetings for up-and-comer’s character and advancements, studios, workshops, intuitive meetings with qualified Government employees, other meeting meetings are really orchestrates to give understudies better bits of knowledge for the readiness of their passages and resolve their questions.

Unmistakable speakers visited till now-

  • In 2017, Mr. Abu Imran (IAS), Mr. Noorul hasan (IPS) and Appointee Overseer of RCA Jamia Milia Islamia, Mr. Mohd. Tarique Khan were welcomed.
  • In 2018, Ms. Hena Usman IPS and Mr. Faiz Ahmad Kidwai (IAS) MP Unit Overseeing Chief, Madhya Pradesh State Common Supplies Organization, Bhopal
  • In 2019, Mr. G.R. Raghavender, Joint Secretary, Govt. of India, Service of Regulation and Equity (Division of Regulation)


As per RTI, the presentation stays low of RCA of Aligarh Muslim College even in the wake of subsidizing colossal measure of Rs. 11.65 crore to the organization. According to the reports of RCI, 22 and 27 possibility for states common help and legal administrations tests have qualified separately. This information draws an enormous question mark to the middle’s productivity in encouraging the skilled possibility for common administrations assessments.