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Tariq Mansoor

Prof. Tariq Mansoor AMU Ex - VC

Tuesday marked Tariq Mansoor’s official start as Aligarh Muslim University’s (AMU) new vice chancellor in New Delhi. Pranab Mukherjee, the president, recently designated him. In the presence of heavy security, VC Mansoor accepted responsibility. Here are all the facts you need to consider regarding Professor Tariq Mansoor and his role as the AMU Ex VC.

The Early Years of Tariq Mansoor's Time at AMU

He has also served as the Head of the Department of Surgery at A.M.U. He was previously the Principal of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital, the largest educational and tertiary clinical care facility in western U.P. He has forty years of expertise in teaching, research, management, and clinical settings. Surprisingly, he has directed 54 Postgraduate Medical Students through 92 distributions.

He served on the Board of Governors of the Indian Institute of Management (Lucknow), the Governing Body of the Maulana Azad Education Foundation (Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India), and the National Monitoring Committee for Minorities Education, Ministry of Education, Government of India. He was a member of the Medical Council of India, the highest controlling body for clinical training and calling in India. Additionally, he has participated in a number of councils formed by the Ministry of Education/UGC to address issues related to national education, such as “Web-based Teaching,” “Online Examination,” “Advancement of Online Education,” and “Public Credit Framework.”

After a gap of 64 years, the officeholder Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi attended to the AMU community during his residency. As part of an assignment from the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, he recently addressed India while attending the main India-Indonesia Inter-Faith Dialog in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He also recently participated in a discussion on higher education in South Asia that was held in Istanbul, Turkey and was organised by the Hollings Center for International Dialog in Washington, USA.

Tariq Mansoor was elected as the Association of Surgeons' President.

He was elected as the Secretary of the Aligarh Muslim University Teachers’ Association, President of the Association of Surgeons of India (UP), and three times as a member of the Aligarh Muslim University Executive Council speaking to the Teaching Faculty. The Association of Surgeons of India presented him with the “Famous Senior Surgical Teacher Award 2013” in addition to the “Two Life Time Achievement Award” for his well-known public service (UP).

Government sanction from Tariq Mansoor

As AMU’s vice chancellor, Tariq Mansoor organised the Dara Shikoh Center for Interfaith Understanding and obtained the President of India’s legal approval for the Institute of Pharmacy. He also obtained government endorsement for the College of Nursing, Para-Medical College, Department of Cardiology, and NHM Projects, such as the Pediatric Early Intervention Center of Excellence, Pediatric Cardiac Evaluation and Cardiac Surgery Center (PCECS), MCH Wing, and so forth.

He has started new programmes while serving as vice chancellor, including a D.M. in cardiology, an M.B.A. in medical clinic administration and Islamic finance, a master’s degree in architecture, an M.Tech. in solar energy, Biomedical Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Material Sciences, Earthquake Engineering, and Disaster Management, and a Master’s Degree in Vocational Counselling (Hons). M.D. in Saidla, Amraze Jild Wa Zohrawiya, Munafe ul Aza, Ilaj Bit Tabdeer, B.Tech in Food Technology, M.Sc. in Computer Science, Cyber Security, and Digital Forensics, B.Sc. in Nursing, B.Sc. in Paramedical Courses, and so on.

Young Researcher and Innovation Awards organised. With the Covid-19 epidemic in mind, Savvy Classroom and the upgrading of the sophisticated foundation for online education and learning were successfully implemented. He oversaw JNMC Hospital, which played a big role in the Covid-19 Pandemic’s testing, treatment, and antibody preliminary studies. In addition to visiting important educational and social institutions in North America, Europe, West Asia, Southeast Asia, and Africa, Prof. Mansoor has travelled widely around the world. He is a skilled tennis player who who enjoys studying law, history, politics, and other academic subjects. Read More

AMU students write an open letter to Tariq Mansoor

Greetings, Tariq Mansoor Sr. We would first want to express our sincere congratulations on being appointed the next vice chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University. Everyone who is somehow connected to this place of learning feels a tremendous responsibility and a tremendous expectation with regard to this role. We have been visiting AMU frequently and have observed many important areas that want immediate attention from the top organisation. Since you would be taking over as the head of the foundation, we thought it would be appropriate to share these impressions with you. We are confident that things will become better under your leadership, and we will regard AMU as a

Directing a Legitimate Educational Institution.

  • To give students a strategic advantage, AMU’s departments and resources—particularly the engineering school, the medical college, the geology department, and other important offices providing specialised training—need cutting-edge innovations and foundation. On the specific side, these divisions require modern tools to analyse the data, and there should be a routine infrastructure need assessment done in all offices that provides the organisation with a TO-DO-LIST that should be followed up on as soon as possible so that students can compete with their peers from IITs and other institutions in terms of innovation ability.
  • There should never be any encouragement of nepotism, at any level. Only competent, qualified, and talented representatives should be provided work so they can positively impact the establishment’s growth.
  • Faculty and educators from the comparatively large range of offices should be informed about cutting-edge developments in their field and encouraged to attend public and international courses and meetings in order to get up-to-date information. They should also improve their education by getting fresh information in their personal environment through confirmation courses and studios.
The recently graduated class needs to be involved in the foundation’s development in a positive way by learning from their experience in related disciplines and by regularly seeking out their opinions on academic and infrastructure-related issues.