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AMU Campus

Best AMU Campus Places to visit : A journey of the blend of Medieval and Modern Architecture

AMU Campus is where you will track down mine in India.
Be it a movement oddity or one who sits in the space to gorge books and have some familiarity with the best places one can visit; we as a whole learn better when we set up our demonstration to take a brief trip and see with our own eyes the specific objective as a matter of fact. Voyaging is to be sure an interaction to learn and flourish. With it being very marketed nowadays; the travelers have involved hunting the best vacationer accommodating spots they can pay their visit to.

Aligarh Muslim University was established by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in 1875 and conveys its set of experiences for the world to be aware. Having finished over 100 years of its foundation; the establishment has a well established history of multitudinous changes and trials of previous ear and is as yet making something similar for people in the future. This makes it an original spot for voyagers to investigate and partake in its vestige.

Top Tourists Spots in AMU

Being a desire for new experiences; it would clearly energize you to realize the best vacationer places you can visit here in AMU-

  • Sir Syed Foundation

This specific structure was changed from a tactical wreck to Sir Syed House by Syed Mahmood, child of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan in 1876. Nonetheless, it was in a demolished state and thus during the 1970s, it was reestablished to its earliest structure and turned into a foundation in Sir Syed’s memory. Also, its introduction occurred in 1974. The ongoing head of this institute is Prof. Ali Mohammad Naqvi.

Constituents of Sir Syed Foundation:-

  1. Exhibition hall The gallery comprises of three displays where there is a depiction of Mohammad Somewhat English Oriental school history, about Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, rundown of previous Chancellors and Bad habit Vice-Chancellors.
  2. Library- The Library in this foundation has compositions of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and furthermore of the Aligarh development. It has different books in Hindi, English, and Urdu dialects.
  3. Research-The foundation deals with a group of specialists who are participated in research works and composing books on Sir Syed and Aligarh Development, they lead talks and courses on Sir Syed, complete different tasks concerning.

File This part has old records of MAO College, Logical Society, and AMU.


Gulistan-e-Syed is the College Park kept up with by the Branch of Land and Gardens. It won’t be a reality to be rejected that nature gives harmony and how hypnotizing its nearness can be. This is an immense park with beguiling and expanded blossoms and plants. Its spotless climate makes it positive for some individuals to visit and appreciate. It is extremely extensive and brilliant to have cookout time, practicing and. It likewise coordinates blossom shows for two days every year.

Kennedy Auditorium Hall

Each college will in general support some workmanship and writing. It effectively gives space to the understudies to partake and execute their artistic abilities. In AMU, the Kennedy hall was begun getting implicit 1959 and got totally developed in 1962. The corridor arranges different intriguing projects for everyone like, film celebrations, music shows, dramatizations, programs for graduated class or presumed visitors who visit AMU, and numerous different occasions. The stage grooms understudies to make the best of their gifts for the public level. The structure of Kennedy corridor is very much underlying western style. The melody Simple Mahboob from the film Simple Mahboob (1963) was likewise shot in this amphitheater.

Jama Masjid AMU

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan got the Jama Masjid development work began inside the AMU grounds in 1879, in any case, the assignment was completely accomplished in 1915. It is the most seasoned and authentic masjid of India and its structure style is enlivened by the Badshahi Mosque of Lahore which was developed by the Mughal Head, Aurangzeb. Its arrangement is ordinary and has the extraordinary quintessence of Mughal plans and design. This style captivates numerous voyagers to visit this mosque and investigate it.

The marbles of this landmark have the hymns of the Quran in calligraphy. It has multi-shaded glasses on entryways when hit by daylight looks so gorgeous. Ladies can likewise visit the mosque during specific visiting times.

Strachey Hall

This building was the first in AMU grounds and got totally developed in 1885. The corridor was marked after the name of Sir John Strachey. Its engineering plan of this lobby is affected by the Harvard and Cambridge School. It is comprised of Red Sandstone.

Victoria Gate AMU

Worked in 1894, it was named Sadar Darwaza. In any case, later in 1914, it got renamed as Victorian entryway after the name of Sovereign Victoria. It is the passage entryway of Strachey lobby. The engineering of this entryway is a mix of Mughal and English. There is the presence of engravings on the marble of the door and a clock space on the pinnacle of the entryway. The rarity style and history of this door draw in numerous guests to this spot and intrigue them to realize about the entryway better.

Musa Dakri Gallery

The gallery has a safeguarded assortment of figures and antique items by Sir Syed Ahmad Khan from the first to eleventh century Promotion. Sir Syed was viewed as the pioneer behind Middle age Paleontology and this exhibition hall gives an understanding into the discoveries of Sir Syed and what he marshaled.

Maulana Azad Library

The Maulana Azad Library is the focal library of Aligarh Muslim College in Aligarh, India. It is Asia’s largest collegiate library. There are yards and nurseries on 4.75 pieces of land (1.92 hectares) surrounding the seven-story building. It has around 1,500,000 books. It lauded its 50th anniversary celebration on December 7, 2010.
Maulana Azad Library, AMU
It got a gift of around 5000 books which were the individual assortment of Kaifi Azmi.
Prof Nishat Fatima fills in as the ongoing college administrator of the library.

Sir Syed Foundation Exhibition hall

Sir Syed Foundation Exhibition hall is a well known craftsmanship display and historical center lodging the personalia of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. The Sir Syed Foundation has the authentic significance of being the private spot of the late organizer behind the Aligarh Muslim College, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. The structure – situated inside the Aligarh Muslim College grounds – was purchased by Syed Mahmood, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan’s child, in 1876, for the home of his dad, who resided here for quite some time. Syed Mahmood was himself the main adjudicator of free India and the fellow benefactor of Sir Syed Foundation.

Aligarh Fort

Aligarh Fort (Aligarh Qila) is situated in the patwari nagla city of Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. It is likewise called “Aligarh Qila”. Most piece of it is harmed and just demolishes remain. The stronghold is arranged close to the Stupendous Trunk Street and comprises of a customary polygon encompassed by an extremely wide and profound trench.


Aligarh Muslim University holds extraordinary importance for India as well as everywhere. Because of its gigantic history of advancements and improvements; the establishment dazzles the nationals as well as worldwide, not exclusively to acquire instruction however to be aware of this foundation’s structure, styles, and puts nearby. The tranquil climate and antique engineering configuration made a brilliant stage for the general population to visit.